Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to the website of Hanno Böck.

I am a freelance journalist and IT security professional.

Latest texts Elasticsearch: Data leak at Conrad (19.11.2019) Bar: No end-to-end encryption for the attorney mailbox (14.11.2019) TPM-Fail: TPM chips can be extracted (13.11.2019) Cache partitioning: Hosting javascript itself is worthwhile more soon (05.11.2019)
Bulletproof TLS Newsletter Elliptic curve implementations vulnerable to Minerva timing attack (31.10.2019) Web security: Cert federation was vulnerable to CSRF attack (30.10.2019) CPDoS attack: Cache attacks can paralyze web pages (23.10.2019) VPN provider: servers hacked by VikingVPN and Torguard (22.10.2019) Leak: NordVPN was hacked (21.10.2019) Smartspeaker: Eavesdropping on Alexa and Google Home apps (21.10.2019)

Much of my work is in German, links to German texts use Google Translate.