Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to the website of Hanno Böck.

I am a freelance journalist and write for the newspaper taz, Zeit Online, the IT newspage and others.

Until now I mostly write in German, links to my credentials use Google Translate.

Latest texts Mailhoster: attacker overwrites disks with VFEMail (12.02.2019) Kuznyechik / Streebog: Russian encryption algorithms questioned (12.02.2019) Runc: Vulnerability allows takeover of container host (12.02.2019) Resource Data Management: Refrigerators can be switched off with password 1234 (11.02.2019)
TechTarget SearchSecurity More Ghostscript vulnerabilities, more PostScript problems (07.02.2019) Internet infrastructure: faulty routers stop BGP experiment (05.02.2019) Huawei discussion: FSFE calls for release of 5G source code (05.02.2019) Security: Libreoffice closes gap, Openoffice remains vulnerable (04.02.2019)
Bulletproof TLS Newsletter Disabling insecure Let’s Encrypt validation will cause broken HTTPS setups for Debian and Ubuntu users (31.01.2019) Nist: Second round in the competition for post-quantum cryptography (30.01.2019)