Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to the website of Hanno Böck.

I am a freelance journalist, live in Berlin and write for the newspaper taz, Zeit Online, the IT newspage and others.

Until now I mostly write in German, links to my credentials use Google Translate.

Latest texts DNS Rebinding: Google Home tells you where you live (19.06.2018) End-to-end encryption: Lawsuit filed against attorney mailbox (18.06.2018) SigSpoof: Forging fakes with GnuPG (13.06.2018)
Bulletproof TLS Newsletter Domain fronting: Cloud providers stop censorship-circumvention tool (31.05.2018) PGP / SMIME: The most important facts about Efail (22.05.2018) PGP / SMIME: Thunderbird update needed to prevent efail (19.05.2018)
Zeit Online PGP and S / MIME: Unsafe encryption (15.05.2018) PGP / SMIME: attackers can have decrypted emails sent (14.05.2018) E-mail encryption: Disable PGP and S / MIME (14.05.2018) Cryptography: The Debian bug in the OpenSSL random number generator (14.05.2018)