Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to the website of Hanno Böck.

I am a freelance journalist and IT security professional.

Latest texts E-learning platform: Mysterious data leak at Oncampus (18.04.2019) Microsoft loses control over Windows Tiles (17.04.2019) Subdomain takeover: Microsoft loses control over Windows tiles (17.04.2019) Adblock Plus: Adblock filter rules can execute code (16.04.2019) Encryption: Trouble for the PGP keyserver (08.04.2019) Password Policies: Avoid bad passwords (08.04.2019) MXSS: Cross-site scripting in Google Search (02.04.2019) Vulnerability: Apache Web server users can gain root privileges (02.04.2019) BeA: Attorney mailbox is being re-tendered (02.04.2019) Vulnerability: SQL injection jeopardizes Magento shops (29.03.2019)

Much of my work is in German, links to German texts use Google Translate.