Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to the website of Hanno Böck.

I am a journalist. I work part-time for the German IT and tech online magazine and as a freelancer for a variety of other publications. I focus on climate and energy topics, as well as IT security.

Latest texts

Bulletproof TLS Newsletter Post-Quantum Signatures in TLS will be challenging (30.11.2021) Traffic light coalition: There is no big hit in climate policy (25.11.2021) Corona warning app: Mickey Mouse keeps wrong vaccination certificate (17.11.2021) Encryption: BSI sends private PGP keys (15.11.2021)
Der Spiegel Data protection: the Learnu homework app stops operating after a security breach (11.11.2021) Rapid test Berlin: interface for corona tests defenseless in the network (10.11.2021) Bitcoin: Swedish tax authorities want crypto mining to be banned (06.11.2021) EU vaccination certificate: How I became the sought-after vaccination certificate forger (04.11.2021) Data Centers: Secrecy about Google's water usage in The Dalles (02.11.2021) Fake vaccination certificates: Issuing vaccination certificates unprotected online (01.11.2021)

Much of my work is in German, links to German texts use Google Translate.