Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to the website of Hanno Böck.

I am a freelance journalist, live in Berlin and write for the newspaper taz, Zeit Online, the IT newspage and others.

Until now I mostly write in German, links to my credentials use Google Translate.

Latest texts TLS certificates: Symantec falls into the wrong key (21.07.2017) Private Keys on Web Servers (12.07.2017) HTTPS: Private keys on the Web server (12.07.2017)
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Bulletproof TLS Newsletter Cisco and Spotify ship private keys in applications (29.06.2017) Web Security: Treacherous Coredumps in the Web Directory (15.06.2017) Liefery: Erratable tracking numbers at dispatch startup (01.06.2017)
Bulletproof TLS Newsletter Let \ 's Encrypt downtime, Symantec dispute and more (31.05.2017) Project Zero: Microsoft's anti-virus software endangers Windows users (09.05.2017)


2017-07-27 Abusing Certificate Transparency Logs DEF CON
2017-08-05 Improving security with Fuzzing and Sanitizers SHA2017