Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to the website of Hanno Böck.

I am a journalist. I work part-time for the German IT and tech online magazine and as a freelancer for various other publications. I focus on climate and energy topics, as well as IT security.

Latest texts

Fathom World Shipping carbon emissions from continental Europe to Iceland (26.03.2023)
Industry Decarbonization Newsletter Making Steel with Electricity (24.03.2023) Fuels: The search for the e-fuels phantom (20.03.2023)[🇩🇪 original] Hydrogen: Ammonia production in Germany has no future (24.02.2023)[🇩🇪 original]
Industry Decarbonization Newsletter Do Ammonia Crackers make sense? (23.02.2023)
Industry Decarbonization Newsletter Gas Stoves and Gas Grids (24.01.2023) Iceland: The green electricity paradise does not want to supply everyone (19.01.2023)[🇩🇪 original]
Fathom World (11.01.2023)[🇩🇪 original]
Industry Decarbonization Newsletter The Future Dominance of Solar and Wind Energy (10.01.2023)
Cryptology ePrint Archive Fermat Factorization in the Wild (09.01.2023)

Much of my work is in German. Links to German texts use Google Translate if possible (unfortunately, for some URLs translate does not work due to Cookie banners).