Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to the website of Hanno Böck.

I am a freelance journalist, live in Berlin and write for the newspaper taz, Zeit Online, the IT newspage and others.

Until now I mostly write in German, links to my credentials use Google Translate.

Latest texts (20.09.2017) Optionsbleed: Apache web server bleeds (18.09.2017) PyPI: Detected malicious Python packages (17.09.2017) TLS certificates: CAA records must check CAA records (11.09.2017) Web security: Orphaned domains as a security risk (07.09.2017) Git and Co: Malicious code repositories can attack the client (11.08.2017) Open Hardware: Self-build computer comes without firmware blobs (01.08.2017)
Bulletproof TLS Newsletter Leaked private keys and revocations based on fake private keys (31.07.2017) Web security: confuse servers with HTTP headers (31.07.2017) Sandbox-Leak: Smash data on the anti-virus cloud (29.07.2017)


2017-10-09 Cryptographic implementation flaws ECRYPT-NET School on Correct and Secure Implementation