Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to the website of Hanno Böck.

I am a journalist. I work part-time for the German IT and tech online magazine and as a freelancer for a variety of other publications. I focus on climate and energy topics, as well as IT security.

Latest texts

Bulletproof TLS Newsletter In memory of Peter Eckersley (29.09.2022) Climate-neutral marine fuel: Gothenburg is to become an e-methanol hub (05.09.2022)[🇩🇪 original] Obituary: Let's Encrypt founder Peter Eckersley died (04.09.2022)[🇩🇪 original]
Bulletproof TLS Newsletter The end of SIDH and SIKE (31.08.2022) Post-quantum cryptography: Isogeny encryption is insecure (31.07.2022)[🇩🇪 original]
Bulletproof TLS Newsletter NIST announces preliminary winners of post-quantum competition (28.07.2022) Privacy: Passport applications for Bangladesh unprotected online (14.07.2022)[🇩🇪 original] Electricity instead of natural gas: what is holding back the heat transition in industry (11.07.2022)[🇩🇪 original] Cryptography: NIST announces post-quantum algorithms (06.07.2022)[🇩🇪 original] Industry: BASF plans to build large heat pumps (04.07.2022)[🇩🇪 original]

Much of my work is in German, links to German texts use Google Translate if possible (unfortunately for some URLs translate does not work due to Cookie banners).