Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to the website of Hanno Böck.

I am a journalist. I work part-time for the German IT and tech online magazine and as a freelancer for a variety of other publications. I focus on climate and energy topics, as well as IT security.

Latest texts Energy transition: Federal government rejects funding for blue hydrogen (18.01.2022) Telenot locking system: weak coincidence ensures open doors (18.01.2022) Fuels: E-fuels production in practice (16.01.2022) Climate crisis: Mozilla pauses Bitcoin donations (07.01.2022) Science: Looking for the Social Bots (04.01.2022)
Bulletproof TLS Newsletter RFC 9155 deprecates MD5 and SHA-1 signatures in TLS handshake messages (30.12.2021) Bundestag: wanted climate opposition (20.12.2021)
KOMM Telekom / Telefónica / Vodafone: Climate-neutral networks? (08.12.2021) Hydrogen research center: good reasons for a four-site solution (07.12.2021) Iron oxide electrolysis: steel production with electricity instead of coal (06.12.2021)

Much of my work is in German, links to German texts use Google Translate.