Hanno Böck

Freelance Journalist

In the past couple of years I have worked in IT security in a variety of ways. I've given talks at conferences like Black Hat, Def Con, the Chaos Communication Congress and many smaller conferences. I have given trainings on topics like fuzzing and TLS.

I have discovered security vulnerabilities like the ROBOT attack against TLS, the Optionsbleed memory disclosure bug in the Apache web server and many others.

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Here are some examples of lectures I have given at conferences:

Example: TLS Training

I can give a one or two day training on TLS.

TLS is the most important cryptographic protocol in the Internet. Recent years have brought a push to TLS by default in the web.

This workshop will give an in-depth overview of the TLS protocol. We'll discuss what's necessary to get a modern TLS configuration, how to make sure your site rates "A+" in the popular SSL Labs test and what attacks shaped the TLS landscape in recent years.